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    KJUG Second Chance Honeymoon to Maui!

    Congratulations to Kurtis and Alexandra, the winners of the Second Chance Honeymoon to Maui!   Here is their story!

    Couple #3 - Kurtis and Alexandra

    It all started on our wedding day when our wedding coordinator did not show up. We got sent a substitute DJ and MC the morning of and also a brand new photographer the morning of. Our photo booth showed up 3 hours into our wedding. we also paid for 8 hours of photography for the day of our wedding and only received four hours. Our wedding day was very rushed because of this and we had to fit in 8 hours of a wedding into 4 hours. After the mess of our wedding day we are now happily married and left the next day for our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. The third day of our honeymoon we went into downtown Cabo to go on a sunset catamaran dinner Cruise. After going on this cruise we stopped in at the Eco bar next to the marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas. My husband and I had one drink each which should have been about $16 US as our drinks were $8 each. When we ask for Bill our waiter brought us a bill for $97 us. When we disputed our bill with our waiter he called the police. Next thing you know the police show up and talk to the waiter for about five seconds before they pulled out handcuffs and handcuffed my husband no questions asked. We never even got a chance to explain. As they hauled him off to jail there I was crying at a bar in downtown Cabo where I was not familiar with at 1030pm. They made me pay the $97 bill and left me to walk alone at 1030pm to find the substation they took my husband to. When I got to that substation which was about 2 miles away the Mexican police demanded 200 US dollars to let my husband go. So not only did I have to pay the $97 bar bill that was not ours but I also had to pay $200 to the officer for him to release my husband. This put a big dent an our pocket for our excursions. So instead of getting to ride ATVs and swim with the dolphins and go parasailing we got to sit at a resort the remainder of our honeymoon. When I thought about my wedding and honeymoon that I spent over 2 years planning, this is not what I expected! It would be amazing to get a redo and relax and enjoy happy, fun, laughing times together as husband and wife. We will be married 3 months FEB 10th.

    Kurtis and Alexandra are getting a honeymoon do-over with a trip to Maui!  Congratulations to them, and to all of our finalists from KJUG COUNTRY!


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