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    Lisa Salgado:

    I want to salute my husband Chris Salgado. He is a retired reconnaissance marine. He served 20 years and did 9 deployments in Middle East. He has earned three Purple Hearts, bronze star
    To name a few. My husband is a loving man and a very proud American.

    Lauryn Olson:

    My father Lewis Eric Olson he is a navy veteran and he has worked so hard to provide for all our family . I am the youngest of 5 kids at 32 years old and he is the grandfather to 6 boys and 1 girl . My dad has worked his whole life to provide for his family in the service and out of the service to raise all us kids and now he and my mother help me raise my 2 boys and they are always having the kid over to papa and grandmas house . He loves this country and everything it’s stands for . He has taught us to be proud of our military and first responders . My oldest brother is a retired police office and my dad couldn’t be prouder of him also . He flys the flag every day outside his house and participates in the car parades where the flag is flying on the hitch is his truck . We love you dad and thank you for all you have and continue to do for us .


    Kelly Owen:

    I would like to salute my grandpa, Robert Bierbaum. He was a private first class in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. Right now he is 90 years old and he is still working every single day. He'll drop anything to help our local community, even if it's in the middle of the night. He just had a full hip replacement about a month ago and he is already up on a ladder. Every day he has a pint of 31 flavors pralines and cream and 3 beers. My dad said that my grandpa is "the toughest man he has ever, or will ever meet." A lot of that toughness and strength comes from being raised on a farm, but the other way he developed it is through being a marine. My grandpa loves beer, ice cream, the American people, and the American dream and that's why I love him.



    Crystal Joven:

    Leonel Joven-Army (cousin)
    Angelica Joven-Marines (cousin)
    Rogelio Joven-Marines (uncle)
    Thank you for your service, love you all!



    Mindy McClung:

    I would like to Salute my husband Sgt. First class(Retired) Grant McClung for his 26 years served in the Army. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. We appreciate and love you very much. ❤️🇺🇸



    Lisa Clower:

    I'd like to salute the most humbled and selfless veteran I know , my mom , Lisa. She always , and I mean ALWAYS puts everyone before herself. She loves with a love that is hard to describe to those that just don't know her. She doesn't ever really get the recognition she deserves when it comes to Veteran's day because she's very to herself. I love you mom , & thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service.




    Bill Soriano:

    My dad Bill Soriano served in the 101st airborne in Vietnam and is a proud veteran. Bill is a father to 3, grandfather to 8 and great grandfather to 2. He is the best Dad, Gramps and great grandpa a kid could ask for!! He is always helping out family and friends and never complains about anything! He deserves to be honored every day, not just Veterans Day!! Thanks dad for everything you do- we love you!!!!



    Marie Beaton:

    I would like to nominate my wonderful selfless husband Christopher Beaton. He was Active Duty in the US Navy who did two tours in Iraq with the Marines as a Corpsman. He got out of the navy and then signed up as Naval Reserves which he’s been doing ever since he’s now been in a total of 16years he is an EMT and has been going to school since last year to become a Paramedic in fact yesterday he took his exit exam and passed he will be taking his final test with the state in December to make it official. He was EMT of the year his first year with the company and has gotten a few different awards for saving peoples lives. We love this man more than we can say these are the reasons I want to nominate him for all his hard work and dedication through the years as both Active Duty/Veteran, and now being a First responder.






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