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    Getting to know new JUGFEST group LANco

    We’re excited that we’ve added LANco to the JUGFEST line-up.  One of Rolling Stone’s 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know. Rolling Stone says they’re “Country's Imagine Dragons.”  Sounds great already! The five guys who make up LANco — singer-lyricist Brandon Lancaster, bassist Chandler Baldwin, multi-instrumentalist Jared Hampton, drummer Tripp Howell and guitarist Eric Steedly — all bring their own unique influences to the table, resulting in a rich mash-up of contemporary country.  Songwriter, Jay Joyce, producer of Eric Church’s, Mr. Misunderstood jumped at the chance to produce them.  They are five best friends making music and working to create something bigger while grinding it out on the road to build an identity. Through this, they became Lancaster & Company, now known as LANco. Everyone touched by their music becomes part of the Company. The band is nothing without the Company. The musical mission statement: every day in every way, throw one hell of a Company party. Together, LANco is Brandon Lancaster (lead vocals), Chandler Baldwin (bass), Jared Hampton (keyboards, banjo), Tripp Howell (drums), and Eric Steedly (lead guitar). Formed in 2012, LANco was born of a chance meeting between Howell and Nashville native Lancaster – each performing in bands at the same festival – just as Howell was readying a move to Music City the same week that Lancaster was returning from college. Once in Nashville, Lancaster met Steedly through mutual friends, while Hampton and Baldwin followed shortly thereafter, with the young band gigging at every opportunity. 

    Mining a catalog of songs written by Lancaster, the group began to develop its sound. Making the most of Howell’s day job in a carpet warehouse, the guys would slip in at night to rehearse on the little-traveled second level, loading their gear up and down with a forklift until they realized they could safely hide it with carpet between rehearsals. 

    But it was Lancaster’s side job, which was working a concession stand at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena – that opened a big door for the band when he spotted producer Jay Joyce at a concert in 2014. A fan of Joyce’s work as producer of such acts as Little Big Town and Eric Church, Lancaster recalls with a smile, “I closed down my hot dog stand and walked up to Jay and just introduced myself.” The conversation brought an invitation from Joyce for Lancaster to share some songs that he’d written, and shortly thereafter, for a band audition.  

    “One week we’re playing in a carpet warehouse, and a few weeks later, we’re playing live in Jay Joyce’s studio,” marvels Lancaster, “and he’s like, ‘Okay, we’ve gotta make a record; let’s do this.’” 

    The first result of their collaboration is LANco’s four-song, self-titled 2015 EP, now streaming exclusively on Spotify, with each song written or co-written by Lancaster. 

    They were signed to Sony Music Nashville, on the spot, the first time new Chairman & CEO Randy Goodman heard them.

    They want people to not just hear the music, but be a part of the music. All the songs that they’re playing and singing, talk about people’s lives, and about situations that every person’s familiar with, and they’re doing it with a lot of energy and a lot of crowd participation. They always go out in the crowd and sing, and they’re very interactive.  We are looking forward to seeing LANco at JUGFEST2016 our 10th Anniversary on Saturday, June 4th at the Groppetti Automotive Festival Grounds, at the International Agri Center in Tulare. Gates open at noon. For more info about LANco and JUGFEST go to jugfest.com & get ready to enjoy one hell of a “Company” party with LANco!

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