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    What was your dream job as a kid?

    4 years old! That's how old I was when I did my first interview with my aunt (who also works in radio) and wanted to be on the radio. I made my bedroom into a radio station, I have tapes of me playing "dj" on my own radio station at the age of 7. In high school we didn't have a radio station, BUT we did have TV and Journalism classes.  I did everything I could to sharpen my skills by working on interviews, editing audio and video,  ran a video camera, helped others edit their projects, took every class i could and helped in every way possible. I then attended a college that had a radio specific program that taught me the ins and outs of radio. Then spent MANY hours inside of radio stations (not getting paid) just so I could learn as much as I could about every part of the industry. Needless to say,  I knew at a young age what I wanted to do and have been doing radio for 24 years and still love it!

    Being on the radio has given me the opportunity to live in different places, meet MANY people, hang out with country stars, be part of many great fundraising events and I get to wake up and go to a job that I love. I love waking up early and being able to entertain and talk to people driving to work, at work or sitting at their kitchen table sipping on coffee every morning. This job isn't a "just get through until my next job" type of job...

    Here is a rundown of my day... I wake up at 2:45 am, shower, drink coffee, watch news, read about what happened while I was asleep. I roll into the station around 3:50 am to start getting things ready for the show. The show begins at 5:30 am and is on until 10 am. From 10 am - 12:15 pm prep for tomorrow's show. Many day's I will have events to attend, interviews to set up, businesses to broadcast from or other station activities. Then it's home to workout, eat dinner, get caught up on the days events and start getting ready for bed around 7. As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the show. Does that sound like something you'd be willing to do?

    If you've always wanted to be on the radio or in entertainment industry and didn't know quite how to start, we have the perfect chance for you here at KJUG. We are looking for someone that wants to be part of KJUG Mornings, someone that is willing to go that extra mile for the show, someone that realizes that the job is tough at times. This job isn't for someone just looking to collect a paycheck or to be "radio famous". It's a lifestyle. It's a way of life. Want to give it a shot? Go fill out the application, send us a video and hang on for a wild ride!




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