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    Washing dishes!

    Washing dishes was in our Top 10 most hated household chores coming in at #2. Even though we all dislike doing them, I didn't think we would ever have to talk about the fact that you need to wash the ENTIRE plate! Social Medial went nuts last week when people said they only washed the surface of the plate that food touches, NOT THE WHOLE PLATE! Come on!!! SO, for those that have issues knowing how to properly wash the dishes, here is a website to help you out!

    Tuesday Top 10: Most Hated Household Chores

    10. Cleaning Windows

    9. Vacuuming

    8. Taking out the trash

    7. Cleaning Bedroom

    6. Grocery Shopping (this is #1 on Drew's list)

    5. Cleaning Bathroom (more specifically Toilets)

    4. Mowing Grass

    3. Dusting

    2. Doing dishes/ unloading dishwasher

    1. Laundry 

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