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    Thank You to our Hometown Heroes of Law Enforcement

    Being the son of a police officer wasn't always easy. Having something terrible happen to my dad was always in the back of my mind, the rumors around town were never "good" rumors and holiday's were interrupted by a call from the station. For 30 years my dad carried the "Weight Of The Badge" and thankfully retired without any major issues. That's not the case for many policemen and women all over the world. Since 2007 1,217 have died in the line of fire in the US alone! Those that died made the decision to kiss their family goodbye and head out to protect and serve. There are many different views about the police, but imagine a world without police officers...it would be absolutely horrible. We take for granted the fact that the police are just a phone call away when you need them 24/7/365.

    Just a couple weeks ago we were part of Visalia's "Hometown Heroes" and had the privilege of shaking the hands of many that were wearing a badge! It was great to see young kids dressed as a police officer with the dream of one day carrying "The Weight Of The Badge" just like their heroes. 

    George Strait, his son Bubba and longtime co-writer Dean Dillion wrote a song (that is now on the radio) called "The Weight Of The Badge". The song highlights the sacrifices made, what it takes to be a police officer and put on a badge and head out to protect and serve! Not wanting the credit, just doing what they do! 

    Here at KJUG we respect and honor our First Responders every chance we can! We knew immediately that we wanted to have our local protectors on the radio!! I reached out to all of our local law enforcement to help, they all immediately agreed! The song has been a special song for law enforcement and they all know the meaning of "The Weight Of The Badge"!

     Law Enforcement deserves every bit of recognition we can give them. We encourage you to shake an officers hand, say thank you for putting on the badge, kissing their family goodbye, protecting the community, and carrying "The Weight Of The Badge". 


    THANK YOU to our local heroes! Tulare City PD, Visalia PD, Hanford PD, Porterville PD, Tulare County Sheriff's Department, California Highway Patrol,  King's County Sheriff's Department, Dinba PD, Woodlake PD, Farmersville PD, Exeter PD, Lemoore PD, Coalinga PD, Corcoran PD and ALL the other agencies that carry the weight of the badge!


    IF you're a member of law enforcement and want to be part of our tribute... contact Me by emailing Drew@KJUG.com



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