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    Your Second Chance Honeymoon to Maui Finalists!


    The entries have all been reviewed, and here are the finalists for a Second Chance Honeymoon to Maui!

    Check out the five stories below, and then vote for your favorite!  The couple with the most votes at 12 noon on Valentines Day wins the Trip to Maui and a Second Chance Honeymoon! 

    The VOTING POLL is below the stories, on this page.

    In no particular order, your finalists are:


    Couple #1 - Bobby and Rhonda

    The first thing that went wrong was during our wedding when I walked down the aisle the DJ played some ridiculous song. It was not the song I had chosen. I had chosen I Cross My Heart by George Strait the instrumental version. The next thing that went wrong was our honeymoon turned into a funeral service the next day his family planned a celebration of life for his Uncle Robert. We loved his Uncle very much and wouldn't miss it for the world. So the first part of our honeymoon was in Las Vegas with his Family who all love to gamble. We had a hard time rounding everyone up to have the celebration of life. Everyone kept disappearing at the casino. So after the ceremony we got to our room, It was nice but the hot tub didn't work. So after this we had our reservations to start our real honeymoon at the (name omitted) Resort in San Diego. On out way there a rock flew up and cracked our windshield. We had a late check in and when we finally got there our room was dirty and run down. We paid a lot of money for this room already. We went and told the front desk about it and they tried to give us another room but it was horrible too. We told them  we didn't want the room so they refunded our money to our card. The only problem was the money didn't go immediately back to the card so this tied up our money until after we got home from our honeymoon. Unfortunately, we spent the first night of our actual honeymoon in my husbands truck and were only able to get a basic room for our honeymoon because all our money was tied up in the other room and rooms in San Diego are very expensive. We were unable to do the things we had planned like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World San Diego because all the money we had left we had to spend on our room. We hope we get a second chance to do our honeymoon over again. We made the best of our time we shared together because we love each other so much.


    Couple #2 - Kenneth and Jennifer

    We were Young and couldn't afford much, so we decided we were going to go to the beach for a few days. But it was during El Nino and it was storming, so last minute we just decided to postpone. We both had the week off. On Monday he decided to go fishing with his uncle. That evening he called me and asked me to come to the lake to pick him up. I drove all the way there to find out that his truck and the boat trailer rolled down into the water. Tuesday morning we had to go back to get the truck. We had to hire a tow truck driver and a scuba diver to go out and get the truck. We ended up having to use our honeymoon money to pay for that. Wednesday he was working on the truck so it would run again (after being underwater for a day!)  He dropped the gas tank to drain, but spilled a little bit of gas on him.  He changed some of his dad's clothes, forgetting his wallet in his pocket. He was driving home and got pulled over. They ended up arresting him because "his eyes weren't dilating" so they thought he was under the influence of something. I get a call from the police station and I thought it was a joke (he used to call me and pretend he was someone else) so I just laughed it off. About 15 mins later he still wasn't home so I called his parents. Since he was driving my car (his truck was obviously broke down)  they had to come get me. We get down to the police station and argue with them that he was working on his truck and the only thing he was under the influence of was gas fumes. They did a blood test and let him go, but impounded my car. We went to the hospital to get our own blood test done. Thursday morning we were supposed to go to Disneyland with my family that came from out of state, but because my car was impounded he stayed home to get it out, and I went without him. So we joked that I went on my honeymoon with out him, with my grandparents. My parents said that if we can survive the 1st week of marriage, we can survive a lifetime.  Almost 21 years later we are still married, but haven't had that honeymoon we never got to take.

    Couple #3 - Kurtis and Alexandra

    It all started on our wedding day when our wedding coordinator did not show up. We got sent a substitute DJ and MC the morning of and also a brand new photographer the morning of. Our photo booth showed up 3 hours into our wedding. we also paid for 8 hours of photography for the day of our wedding and only received four hours. Our wedding day was very rushed because of this and we had to fit in 8 hours of a wedding into 4 hours. After the mess of our wedding day we are now happily married and left the next day for our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. The third day of our honeymoon we went into downtown Cabo to go on a sunset catamaran dinner Cruise. After going on this cruise we stopped in at the Eco bar next to the marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas. My husband and I had one drink each which should have been about $16 US as our drinks were $8 each. When we ask for Bill our waiter brought us a bill for $97 us. When we disputed our bill with our waiter he called the police. Next thing you know the police show up and talk to the waiter for about five seconds before they pulled out handcuffs and handcuffed my husband no questions asked. We never even got a chance to explain. As they hauled him off to jail there I was crying at a bar in downtown Cabo where I was not familiar with at 1030pm. They made me pay the $97 bill and left me to walk alone at 1030pm to find the substation they took my husband to. When I got to that substation which was about 2 miles away the Mexican police demanded 200 US dollars to let my husband go. So not only did I have to pay the $97 bar bill that was not ours but I also had to pay $200 to the officer for him to release my husband. This put a big dent an our pocket for our excursions. So instead of getting to ride ATVs and swim with the dolphins and go parasailing we got to sit at a resort the remainder of our honeymoon. When I thought about my wedding and honeymoon that I spent over 2 years planning, this is not what I expected! It would be amazing to get a redo and relax and enjoy happy, fun, laughing times together as husband and wife. We will be married 3 months FEB 10th.


    Couple #4 - Shawn and Jenna

    Shawn and I met and dated in high school but then due to circumstances life happened and we went our separate ways but just for a little while. Shawn went to Tennessee and me to Washington. We maintained a small connection over the course of the two years and reconnected finally when we both moved back home. I had a child just one year old and Shawn stepped in to fill the dad role that my son needed. We knew we wanted to be together and when I got pregnant that expedited things. At 20, and 21 years of age the odds were kind of stacked against us but we knew what we wanted. We got married and had a simple country wedding surrounded by our family and friends on a very hot August day. We were supposed to go to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon however at the time there had been a wildfire so the trip was cancelled. We did get to go to Pismo for a night but that was the extent of it. Shawn and I have spent the last almost 12 years creating a life for our three kids, but we never really got the honeymoon we would have loved to go on. He is a full time fire lieutenant and I just graduated with my Associates degree and am patiently waiting to be accepted into the nursing program. The chance to go to Maui would be the trip of a lifetime for us and it truly would be the honeymoon we never had!


    Couple #5 - Agustin and Leticia

    We had a trip to San Francisco planned for our honeymoon. We wanted to explore Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the entire area. We had always wanted to explore the California Coastline and this was going to be the first stop. We were arriving at the city when we got into a car accident; we were hospitalized for a bit. After we were released from the hospital we were traveling back to San Francisco but we ended up in another car crash and yet again we were hospitalized. After all this, we went back home and ever since those car accidents we have never had the opportunity to take our honeymoon. Years after our failed honeymoon we had 3 healthy kids and now that our kids are grown we want to take our honeymoon. This would be an amazing opportunity for my husband and I to finally have the trip of our dreams!

    Vote for your favorite story and your choice to win a Second Chance Honeymoon To Maui!



    The KJUG SECOND CHANCE HONEYMOON Contest starts on 1/28/2019 and ends on 2/14/2019.  To enter, sign up online for your chance to win.  Submit the true story of how your honeymoon or wedding were ruined and how.   On February 11th, 2019, KJUG will post the five best stories as chosen by KJUG personalities.  From February 11th until February 14th, 2019, open voting on KJUG.com will determine the winner of the contest.  The finalist with the most votes will be declared the winner. Only one vote will be recorded and counted per I.P. address.  The winner will receive 2 roundtrip tickets to the island of Maui from Fresno Yosemite International Airport, and hotel stay for 4 nights.  The Approximate Retail Value of each prize is $3500.  One prize will be awarded in this Promotion.  Prizes are awarded as is. Winner(s) will be required to provide a credit card for incidentals upon check-in.   Prizes are not refundable or transferable. There are no substitutions or exchanges for cash or credit for any prize at any time. Resale for any reason is strictly prohibited. If a prize-related event is unable to take place as scheduled for any reason beyond the control of KJUG including but not limited to cancellation, preemption, postponement or unavailability, due to weather or any other cause, our only responsibility to the winner(s) is to award the remaining available elements of the prize(s).  No substitution or compensation will be provided as replacement for the unavailable elements. Winner and guest(s) must abide by all on site policies. Winner must be 21 years of age or older to participate.  KJUG General Contest Rules also apply and are available by clicking here. 



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