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    Kevin Jewelers Valentines Day Winners!

    Congratulations to all of our Valentine's Day Winners from Kevin Jewelers and KJUG COUNTRY!  Here are the five winners. They each receive a $100 Gift Card from Kevin Jewelers! 

    Jolene and Bud - Jolene says that after being single for about 15 years and watching her children grow up and move on to start their own lives, she met Bud while out with friends after work.  Seven years later, Jolene says that God answered her prayers when she met Bud.

    Charolette and Richard - They met at a grocery store in Strathmore, and after years of going to school together, they started dating.   Richard was marriage-minded right away, and finally they went to ask Charolette's dad for his blessing.  They found him working in a field with a shovel in his hand, and asked permission. After the end of the school year, they were married, and that was 40 years ago.

    Stephanie and Erick - Stephanie was a single mother of two when they connected on Facebook. They each looked familiar to each other, but couldn't figure out where they knew each other from.  Their first date was a success, and soon they were watching 49ers games together with the kids.  They moved in together soon after, and became engaged soon after.  They are about to celebrate their 5th Wedding Anniversary, and still haven't figured out where they knew each other from! 

    Shontel and Christopher - From the first time they met, they felt like they'd known each other their entire lives.  They've been inseparable since meeting and have helped each other build a life together through careers and school.  They were married in the same place Shontel's parents were married, have two beautiful children, and will celebrate six years together this year!

    Emmett and Christina - Christina met Emmett when both were seniors in high school, but Operation Desert Shield cut their friendship short.   A few years ago, Christina saw Emmett across the room while watching a Raiders game at Buffalo Wild Wings and they struck up a conversation.  While some time had passed, their connection and chemistry was still strong.  Last year they were married at the same small church in the country where Christina's parents were married over 30 years ago.

    Congratulations to all of our winners! 



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