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Waiting To Die? Man Says Insurance Rejected Due To Obamacare
A Chowchilla man says he is in a life or death situation because of the 'Affordable Healthcare Act' or 'Obamacare'.
Caught on Camera: Women Accused of Taking $700 Worth of Perfumes
Clovis Police need your help right now to track down two women who were caught on camera stealing items from the ULTA beauty store Tuesday. The women did not take anything to enhance their looks. Officers
Former WWII POW's Celebrate The 90's
Former POW from World War II Jack Schwartz of Hanford is turning 99 this month.  Schwartz  along with two other former POW's were honored Wednesday with a birthday celebration at a Fresno restaurant. 
Ceres Police: Body Found in Freezer
A body is found inside a freezer at an abandoned auto shop in the north valley. Investigators are trying to figure out who it is, and how the body got there.
Madera Citizens Take Down Possible Burglar
A group of innocent bystanders helped take down a burglary suspect in Madera.
Toddler Trapped Inside Stuffed Animal Claw Machine
A Nebraska toddler crawled inside a stuffed animal claw machine.
Family Finds Dog Shot To Death, Second Dog Still Missing
A Fresno family is mourning the loss of two of their dogs. The family's pit-bull Isis, was found shot to death on the side of the road, while their second dog Porcha, is still out there.
Boston Strong: Sanger Man Returning to Marathon One Year Later
A Sanger man says he's not caving into the fear of another possible terror attack at this year's Boston Marathon. So, he's getting ready to run in the event again. "Runners don't quit. We're the toughest
Blood Moon: KMPH FOX 26 News Viewers Capture It On Camera!
Stargazers got a glimpse of a rare treat Tuesday night, as a blood moon crossed the earth's shadow.

Dads Get PostPartum Depression Too
Women may not be the only ones feeling the blues after a baby. A new study finds young new fathers can develop symptoms of postpartum depression, too.


Ask George... It Is Good To Be "The King"
Is George Strait the greatest country artist ever?
: YES... George is KING over them all
: NO... He's great but not the greatest ever
: NO... If ANYTHING, he's a bit over-rated
! KJUG Country's Birthday Battle Royale !
Who's the bigger "star" celebrating today?
: Former Laker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (67)
: "Two And A Half Men," Jon Cryer (49)