Instead of making New Years Resolutions this year...we are doing 18 For '18!

    We each are making a list of 18 actions/goals/activities/etc that we want to accomplish this year!

    Kind of a year long bucket list!

    Some small, easy things to accomplish...some big items that may take some time to accomplish...and everything in between!

    Some of Drew's #18For18

    -Buy a new guitar

    -Try new foods

    -Learn to play piano

    -Go to the Coast 5 times


    Some of Tory's #18For18

    -Listen to one album a week

    -Learn how to poach an egg

    -Travel to a new city alone

    -Keep a plant alive


    Make your own #18For18 list for this year and let us know when you accomplish some of the items!


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