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Please Keep Cash Shank & His Family in Your Prayers. Here's How You Can Help Them


I’ve had the honor of befriending Megan & Rob Shank along with their son Cash Shank , his older brother Wyatt and little sister Gracee. So for me this message is personal and comes with a lot of love. We’ve embraced them as our own. They are family. I think all of JUG Country as well as many all over the country and the world itself feel this way. We’ve watched their journey unfold before our very eyes. We’ve witnessed the heartache that Megan & Rob have had to endure watching their son Cash fight for his life. We celebrated his victories and cheered him on as he appeared to get better. Last week Megan went to Cash’s FB page and asked us for prayer for him as he was beginning to show signs of his illness again. It was she & Rob’s biggest fear. He was taken to the hospital for testing and the MRI results were not in his favor. The disease is back. It was crushing for the family including all of us who have prayed, given, hoped and celebrated. Now they are faced with the inevitable as the doctors say that they can do no more for him. Their plan is to make him as comfortable as possible while enjoying every second that they can with their son.  A fund has been set up via gofundme for Cash. You can click on the link and make a donation. 



Cash is an inspiration to many including all of us here. He’s filmed two commercials for St. Jude’s – one with actress Jennifer Aniston in Los Angeles who he wowed with his outgoing & spunky personality and another one with talk show host Jimmy Fallon in New York. The real star here was Cash. See behind the scenes video.


Look for the Thanks and Giving Campaign which will air over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Cash went and filmed another commercial with Jimmy Fallon in New York as well. As Megan said, pay no attention to the egg in Jimmy's hair!



When he got off the plane from New York he appeared at the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Many of us would have been too exhausted to even show up after traveling so far, but not Cash.


There are so many things that I have learned from this amazing 5 year old boy and that is never give up, keep fighting, dance, hug, smile, and #liveloud in spite of your circumstances. I love this child and I love his family and I will keep praying and believing for a miracle. I hope you’ll do the same. God Bless the Shank family! God Bless Cash!  


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