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11/12/13 Good Luck? Not For Me. Here's How Jake Owen Saved The Day With His Best Luke Bryan Impression!


So I get home last night and my usual routine is dinner, unwinding, maybe watch a DRV'd program on TV. My honey says he needs to go online and work on his health insurance survey online. So he goes back and tries to log onto Windows 7, he comes back into the kitchen and asks me what the password is again, which was what he used to log on and he said he couldn't get on. So I see that the CAPS lock is on, then I turn it off and try to log on and it won't log me on. So apparently I've been locked out of my sign in. You never realize how dependent you are to your computer until you're locked out. Needless to say, I went to bed late and was very frustrated! Not a good end to the day, but things could've been worse.


So this morning I wake up, I know what I have to do to get my computer unlocked. Grab my coffee, kiss my honey good bye. I get in my car, start it up and start to back out. Car doesn't feel right, so I put it in park and go and look at my tires. I have a flat! That's how my 11/12/13 started! LOL! Not a good luck day so far. But the good news is it didn't happen on my long drive to work. Thank God my honey gave me his truck keys and said get to work, I'll take care of it. I just love him! In any case, I just got to work and this video put a big ol' smile on my face. Pretty much rescued my day! It's Jake Owen doing his best Luke Bryan impression. Hey, it's a pretty good one too! It's a short clip, but did the trick. Hope it makes your day too!  

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