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How A Middle School Football Team Ruined My Make-up!


I saw this video yesterday and had to re-apply my make-up. The wonderful young men on a middle school football team in Michigan have a deeper understanding of the game that many pros may never reach. The Olivet Eagles football team at Olivet Middle School in Olivet, Michigan, decided to run a play and intentionally not score, all without their coaches knowing. The football team planned the play for weeks, all so they could set up a very special moment for a special boy. Keith Orr is a special needs child, and his buddies on the football team decided to give him the chance to run for a touchdown. Sheridan Hedrick, a player on the team, would’ve easily scored a touchdown, but he instead took a knee on the 1-yard line, and the crowd wasn’t happy. That was until the next play happened: the “Keith Special.” The ball was hiked and quickly handed to Keith, who ran forward as his teammates protected him from the oncoming defense. Keith scored without a scratch. The boys did much more than help Keith score a touchdown; they brought more than a community together, because this video has gone viral. It has touched many lives for the better. I hope this video touches you the way it did me. (Go get your Kleenex, you’re going to need it!)

I hope this made your day Going to talk more about the CMA's of course and we have a couple of chances for you to qualify to Get Outta Town. Plus we have your Drive Thru Lunch brought to you by Randy's Bistro in Porterville. Your chance to win lunch for two and we'll be taking you requests and dedications.

Then at 2:25 it's the KJUG Classic Cut of The Day, paying tribute to all the hard working men and women in JUG Country with songs about work. Today's song is a suggestion from one of our listeners. It's Johnny Paycheck and Take This Job & Shove It, your KJUG Classic Cut of The Day.

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