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Thomas Rhett talks to Taste of Country and Tells Them What He'll Do With His First Million. Also 3 Artists Outside Of Country Music That Influenced HIm, Plus How Many Kids He & His Wife Will Have and More.


If you enjoyed Thomas Rhett when he came to JUG Country when he opened for Jason Aldean, check out this interview and get to know him a little bit better. He talks about what he will do with his first million and 3 artists not in country that have influenced him, plus how many children he and his wife want. Always fun and nice to get to know some of the artists we listen to every day.


Enjoy. Also Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band recently got married and I'll have the video to share on our Facebook page as well.


Be sure to stop by there to see what times I plan to play the sounder to get you all qualified to "Get Outta Town." Remember when you hear the sounder to be caller 10 to be qualified for 4 amazing vacation destinations for you to choose from if you win. San Diego, Cancun, Mexico, London/Paris, or Rome. Hope you have your passport ready!

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Then at 2:25 we continue our KJUG Classic Cut of The Day celebration of the music of Garth Brooks Album "No Fences." Have a great Hump Day! ~Rose

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