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It's Time For Another "What Would You Do Wednesday"


Too Much For A Halloween Yard Display?

This seems to be the official Halloween of pushing the envelope; especially when it comes to controversial outdoor displays. Some yard scenes seem to be pushing things to the absolute limit. Others push it a littler further.

Take, for example, Leslie and John Reamer’s Halloween display in Midlothian, Virgina. It includes pumpkins, headstones, ghosts, a mad scientist and a hooded dummy in an electric chair. Some have taken offense to the display, going so far as to call a local television station to complain about it. Is this too much?

How about Johnnie Mullins' gruesome scene in Mustang, Oklahoma? His yard proudly displays two decapitated dummies; one run over by his car and the other done in by the garage door. A few of Johnnie's panicked neighbors called 9-1-1 when they saw the staged carnage. Is that too far?

Can Halloween yard displays depict too much? If your neighbor's display crossed the line, would you say something? If your neighbors complained about your yard decorations, would you take them down? On a What Would You Do Wednesday we just want to know... what would you do?

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