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There's Only One Way To Know If The Grapes Are Good


If You Plan On Buying The Bunch, Would You Consider It It Stealing If You Sample One?

You know how it is - you're walking through the produce section and you see grapes are on sale. They LOOK good but you remember what happened last time you bought three bunches, got 'em home and... YUCK! Grapes aren't supposed to taste like THAT! So you figure, the ONLY thing to do is sample a grape from the bunch right there in the produce section at Save Mart just to make sure they're worth the investment. It's not stealing; you're just taking a grape for a test drive. Same can be said of that candy in the bins with the scooper. How else are you going to know if THESE chocolate covered raisins at WinCo are just as good as Raisinets?

This isn't Costo sampling. There's no one in a white hair net with plastic sporks in paper shot-cups anywhere in sight. This is sampling right off the vine (or out of the bin as the case may be) but the question remains: is "sampling" stealing?

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