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Rodney Atkins Song released last week. Find Out What The KJUG Classic Cut Of The Day Is!





Rodney Atkins give us and early taste from his upcoming album with the debut single, ‘Doin’ It Right.’

The song was released last week, Tuesday (Oct. 8) exclusively on iTunes. Rodney says he knew from the first time he heard the uptempo song that he wanted it to be on his album.

“‘Doin’ It Right’ is a song I just heard [on a] Jay Knowles work tape, and it simply killed me,” Rodney tells Roughstock. “It reminded me of a Bob Dylan kind of lyric that just nailed me with every word. I felt like the good Lord needed me to hear this song. I couldn’t wait to record it. I pray that it touches folks’ lives the way it has touched mine.”.

Now that I have your curiosity up, here's where you can download it and check it out!

Download it here


Don't forget the Drive Thru Lunch and a chance for you to win lunch for two from Hoagies Hero's in Porterville. We'll take your lunch time requests and dedications as well.



Then we continue with Country Music's greatest duets at 2:25pm with our KJUG Classic Cut Of The Day. Today it's Conway & Loretta and "You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly" by request from our Facebook page.    ~Rose

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