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Today We Continue With Our Celebration Of The Music Of Kenny Rogers. Catch the Latest Video Of His Interview With Dolly Parton. Hit The Link!


We continue with our celebration of the music of Kenny Rogers on our KJUG Classic Cut of The Day. He now has a new album which reunites him with Dolly Parton, the title track  with Dolly is called "You Can't Make Old Friends" Check out the video of the interview. This is his 65th studio album. That's pretty impressive.

The album is  a collection of songs as diverse as this Kenny's career. No two of the 11 cuts could be placed neatly within the same sub-genre of country music. Intense displays of love, hope, anger and patriotism keep the listener pulled forward to hear what will come next. But it's Kenny and if you love that voice, you'll love the album. Today at 2:25 we continue with our KJUG Classic Cut of The Day by Kenny Rogers. You gotta listen to see what it is, but I guarantee it will be great! ~Rose


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Ask George... It Is Good To Be "The King"
Is George Strait the greatest country artist ever?
: YES... George is KING over them all
: NO... He's great but not the greatest ever
: NO... If ANYTHING, he's a bit over-rated
! KJUG Country's Birthday Battle Royale !
Who's the bigger "star" celebrating today?
: Former Laker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (67)
: "Two And A Half Men," Jon Cryer (49)