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It's Time For Another What Would You Do Wednesday


To Stop or To Not Stop... That Is The Question
This past weekend, Mike and his family had plans to visit his wife's folks on the coast in Pacific Grove. The plan was to leave Visalia around 3:30PM, stop off for gas and a quick bite to eat in Los Baños and make it to Pacific Grove by 7PM. Well... that was the PLAN. What the plan didn't account for was the two car accident which took place at 5:30PM, about 200 yards ahead of them, on their way out of Los Baños on Highway 152.

If you've even been driving east out of Los Baños that time of day, you know there's a real NASTY glare as the sun is shining almost DIRECTLY into your eyes. Apparently that glare had a hand in an SUV driving off the side of the road. Once the driver realized what was going on, she over-corrected and side-swiped a pickup truck in the lane next to her. The SUV spun-out and wound up in the grass median and the truck ended up stuck in the middle of 152 with a broken rear axle.

As Mike came upon on the scene he immediately pulled into the center median, hopped out of his wife's SUV and did what he could to help until emergency vehicles arrived... but should he have?  Should he have thought of the safety of his family and simply had his wife call 9-1-1 as they drove past the accident?  If you were to find yourself in the same situation, what would you do?

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