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Coca-Cola USED TO BE #1... We DID Say USED TO BE


They May Still Be, "The Real Thing" But Coke's Long Run As The World's Number-One Brand Has Come To An End

It's been Coca-Cola for YEARS, as the world's Most Valuable Brand, but Coke's reign at the top came to an end Monday. APPLE is the NEW most valuable brand in the world, according to a closely followed annual report. The report is from Interbrand, a corporate identity and brand consulting company owned by the Omnicom Group that has been compiling what it calls the Best Global Brands report since 2000.

The previous #1 brand, Coca-Cola, actually fell to #3 behind Google at #2. Not only has Apple replaced Coca-Cola as first among the 100 most valuable brands based on criteria that include financial performance, but this is the first time that the soft drink has NOT been #1. Ouch!

Apple’s arrival in the top spot was perhaps “a matter of time,” Jez Frampton, global chief executive at Interbrand, said in a recent interview. Apple was #2 last year, climbing from #8 in the 2011 report. “What is it they say, ‘Long live the king’?” Mr. Frampton asked. “This year, the king is Apple.”

As you can imagine, there's typically not a lot of movement within the top 5 or so on this list. When it comes to brands, people CAN be EXTREMELY loyal but, sometimes, price (or other factors) can get us to try something new. How about you? Are there any "brands" (vehicles, deodorants, soft drinks, etc.) you're loyal to, regardless of the price, or do you typically look for the best buy?

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