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It's Just A Knock-Down Drag-Out Battle Of The Sexes


Certain Things... Men Just SHOULDN'T DO
Hope this isn't a news flash to anyone but, aside from the obvious differences in plumbing, men and women are very... well... different. Let's face it, there are certain things women can get away with that men would NEVER think of; going to the bathroom with your BFF and carrying on a conversation with them while engaged in the... err... business at hand comes to mind. Now, women don't have the market cornered on gender-exclusive behavior. You'd probably never see a woman turn to her best friend and say, "pull my finger" and a Dutch Oven is CERTAINLY out of the question - at least as far as a woman being on the GIVING end of that equation. "It smells like something died in here!"

Bottom line is, there are a myriad of gender-exclusive behaviors out there. Now, we could tell you all the ones we've come up with but where's the fun in that. Ladies, what can men get away with doing that's socially forbidden for women? Guy, what can women do that we'd never touch with a ten foot poll? It's a "Battle Of The Sexes: You Can Get Away With It But We Can't," edition.

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