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So What's Wrong With Going A Little "Redneck Crazy?"


Gettin' "Redneck Crazy" with Tyler Farr
He just brought a little "Redneck Crazy" to 106.7 KJUG Country with his show at Adventure Park in Visalia, his song "Redneck Crazy" is climbing the charts on The Jug Country Countdown and his debut CD, "Redneck Crazy" is about to drop. Even with all that going on, Tyler Farr was still able to take some time out to give us a call Friday (9/27) morning. What other KJUG Country artist can he impersonate? What term of endearment has his manager come up with for him? Has he ever gone "Redneck Crazy?" All great questions! We got those answers, and a whole lot more. 

Now if you're a little pressed for time but still need a quick Tyler Farr fix, click on the first link below for what you heard of Tyler Friday morning on 106.7 KJUG Country.  Ah, but if you've got a little more time on your hands and you want to hear the WHOLE conversation, click on the second link below. Go ahead. Be daring. We know you want to.

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