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If You Won The Powerball, Do You Think You Would Wish For Your Old Life Back?



'The drama is nonstop': Powerball winner 'Wild' Willie wants his old life back!

“Wild” Willie Seeley of Manahawkin, New Jersey, has one piece of advice for the winner of last week’s $400 million Powerball pot in South Carolina: Run. “Just disappear,” he said, speaking from his own experience. “Get lost while you still can.”

After Willie and 15 co-workers from Ocean County's vehicle maintenance garage shared part of an even bigger Powerball jackpot last month, $450 million, the "Ocean's 16" celebrated their win at a press conference where Willie stole the show with a long beard, tinted shades and a battered straw hat. “We are very happy, happy, happy,” he said to hoots and hollers from the crowd. “I’m going to continue to watch NASCAR races on Sunday. Maybe I’ll be at a log cabin on multiple acres of land.” Remember this guy now?

After his TODAY show appearance, a bunch of long-lost relatives, beggars and what felt like every reality TV producer in the country. “I pulled a .357 magnum on the last fellow who came walking up the driveway,” he said. That seemed to work, but the phone won’t stop ringing. National Geographic, A&E, Ryan Seacrest Productions — Seeley said he’s heard from them all.

“They put me in the National Enquirer, next to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I mean I ain’t into all that.”

Knowing just a bit of what "Wild Willie" has been through, would you want your old life back or would you try to find a way to enjoy the cash and be quiet about it? I'd find a way to be quiet about it and change my phone numbers. LOL, just a thought. What would you do? ~Rose


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