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Carrie Underwood was The Talk Of The Emmy's. Did You See Her Performance? What Did You Think?



The TV stars were out for last night’s 65th Annual Emmy Awards, but it was Carrie Underwood who stole the show according to some. She performed as part of a special tribute for the 50th anniversary of both the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy, as well as the Beatles performance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’ which catapulted the group to stardom in 1963.

Carrie, looking amazing in a blue gown, was introduced by actor Don Cheadle. “National tragedy gave way to another event, and a dark cloud was suddenly lifted, making it okay to experience joy again,” he shared. “73 million viewers underscored the immediacy of TV and the impact on our society. TV has the power to engage, inform and unite. It remembers the past, celebrates the present and anticipates our future.”

She gave a flawless rendition of the Beatles’ classic hit, ‘Yesterday,’ backed by a full orchestra, with pictures of the British band being shown behind her. Her performance even earned the approval of one of the founding members of the Beatles.

This is the message she Tweeted

Carrie Underwood        ✔ @carrieunderwood
The coolest thing about singing "Yesterday" on the #Emmys is the sweet letter I got from @PaulMcCartney giving me his blessing to sing it!

7:05 PM - 22 Sep 2013

But there were also others on twitter that didn't care much for her performance. So I included it, so you can hear it and see it for your self. What did you think? ~ Chad


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