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Is Nascar's Chase Totally Fixed? I'm Really Disappointed!



I'm a big race fan and nothing disappoints me more than cheating of any kind. So at Richmond everything was on the line as people were trying to get into the Chase which is the equivalent of Football's Post Season Playoffs. So now Nascar is investigating Gilliland and Logano for fixing the outcome of the race in Richmond this past Saturday. FOX Sports had learned of team radio communication with David Gilliland during Saturday night's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway that allegedly asks the driver to intentionally give up a position to help Joey Logano cement a spotin the Chase for Sprint Cup. The radio communication from the No. 38 team reveals that a voice on the radio, believed to be Gilliland crew chief Frank Kerr, tells the spotter to tell Logano's spotter that the track position "better pay big.

"We already know what happened to Michael Waltrip's team for drumming up a spinout towards the end of the race. This past Monday, NASCAR officials fined the Michael Waltrip Racing team $300,000 for manipulating the outcome of Saturday’s race.

According to ESPN, a late spinout and questionable pit stops led officials to speculate that Michael Waltrip Racing was somehow implicated in stopping Ryan Newman from making NASCAR’s version of the postseason. If a large fine wasn’t enough for Michael Waltrip Racing, NASCAR officials went further by taking Martin Truex Jr. — the driver who benefited from his team’s questionable antics — out of the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Truex was replaced by Newman, according to ESPN. “We penalize to not have this happen again,” NASCAR President Mike Helton said to ESPN. “It’s a message from the league saying, ‘You can’t do this.’With that being said, what do you think should happen to Penske's Team for this little exchange on the radio's during the race to help Joey Logano get into the Chase? I think Logano should kicked out of the Chase and they replace him with someone else. And that they also get fined. What are your thoughts? Let the Chase begin! ~Rose

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