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What's Nick Grimshaw Have That Mike Pesto Doesn't??


The BBC's Nick Grimshaw vs. 106.7 KJUG's Mike Pesto
Mike's a LITTLE miffed by the news, which was announced earlier this week... "BBC Radio 1 breakfast presenter Nick Grimshaw (right) has been voted Radio Personality of the Year 2013 by GQ Magazine. The GQ Men of the Years Awards, now in its 16th year, brings together men from film, music, TV, books, politics and radio." Nick Grimshaw!?!?  REALLY?!?!

Not for nothin', but (contrary what Lisa MAY think) Mike's just as fashionable as some radio guy from the other side of "the pond." Now, granted, Lisa recently had to break the news to Mike that white knee-high socks are OUT (especially with shorts) and black ankle-highs are in but (for the most part) he can STILL dress himself and look decent enough.  Seriously!  Take a look at the picture above and let us know... do you think (as Mike does) that GQ Magazine got it ALL WRONG?

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