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That Sidewalk Is Actually There For A Reason... Use It!


Is It OK To Walk On The Grass If There's No Sign Like This One?

This past weekend, Mike & Lisa were at Tachi Hotel and Casino crashing yet another party (a wedding reception they were invited to crash). After signing the autograph book, posing for a few pictures with the bride and groom and wishing them the best of luck in their new life together, Mike & Lisa made their way back to the parking lot. That's when the trouble began.

Since the KJUG Van and Jug were parked WAY on the other side of the property, Lisa thought it would be a good idea to cut across a portion of the lawn to get to the parking lot. Well... she THOUGHT it was a good idea until Mike stepped in and pointed out "sidewalks are for walking." Who knew Mike was such stickler for sticking to the rules, or is keeping off the grass even a rule when there's no sign? What do you think? Is Lisa a law breaker or is Mike making much ado about nothing?

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