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My Dog's Wagger was installed wrong!


My doggies are happy and are always wagging their tails. But one day I noticed that Bella's tail was wagging up and down and not side to side like most dogs. Have you noticed which way your dog's tail wags? I just thought this was so strange that I did a video of it for you to see.  It's hilarious! If your dog's tail wags north and south instead of east and west, let me know, because right now I think Bella is the only dog in the world who's tail is like that. Plus I had to introduce my babies to you too! ~Rose


We've got your Drive Thru Lunch with a chance for you to win lunch for two from Kirkman's VIP Pizza in Exeter and we'll be taking your requests and dedications as well. Then at 2:25pm it's your KJUG Classic Cut Of The Day with a suggestion for some Dolly today. Be listening to see what song it is.


Ask George... It Is Good To Be "The King"
Is George Strait the greatest country artist ever?
: YES... George is KING over them all
: NO... He's great but not the greatest ever
: NO... If ANYTHING, he's a bit over-rated
! KJUG Country's Birthday Battle Royale !
Who's the bigger "star" celebrating today?
: Hollywood actor, Jack Nicholson (77)
: Duck Dynasty's, Willie Robertson (42)