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Friday is Finally Here! I've Got Something For You This Weekend.



With the weekend upon is, I wanted to remind you of this event. It's another great way to show support for the grieving families of Jay Magdaleno and Brandon Cruz. Jay left behind his family, a host of friends and his fiance. Brandon left behind, his wife Kristina who is expecting their 3rd child and their other 2 children, plus a host of other family and friends. There is going to be a Memorial Ride for Officer Magdaleno and his brother in law Brandon Cruz tomorrow (August 23rd) starting at the A & W on Mooney Blvd at 10:30am. You can ride in your cars, trucks, or motorcycles. There, you will also be able to make a donation to assist the families with expenses. There is also an online fund set-up to assist the family of Brandon Cruz who left behind his wife Kristina and their children. Hit the link to make an online donation. Click here to Donate

1067 KJUG Country is honored to be there with music and the JUG. Hope you'll join us. ~Rose

Today, we'll also take your requests for the Drive thru Lunch brought to you by Hoagies Hero's and more chances to get on the guest list to see Kellie Pickler at Crawdaddy's on Sunday, September 1st.

Then later this afternoon at 2:25pm we have our KJUG Classic Cut of the Day, featuring Dolly Parton. Have a great day and an even super weekend.


Ask George... It Is Good To Be "The King"
Is George Strait the greatest country artist ever?
: YES... George is KING over them all
: NO... He's great but not the greatest ever
: NO... If ANYTHING, he's a bit over-rated
! KJUG Country's Birthday Battle Royale !
Who's the bigger "star" celebrating today?
: Late night host, Conan O'Brien (51)
: Teenage witch, Melissa Joan Hart (38)