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There Are Many Reasons To Love Country Music. Here's One!



Good Thursday morning to you! I was reading some news this morning and came across this story which is one of the reasons I love country music so much. First of all the music tells a story that touches people. Second, the artists for the most part are all caring and wonderful folks. They will use their sphere of influence to help others or a cause that is near and dear to their hearts. This is the case with Carrie Underwood. She has been working with "Make A Wish" for years and has made many people's wishes come true who are in the midst of a battle for their life or have survived the odds of a catastrophic illness. Carrie invited Kaitlyn Finn, an amazing 10-year-old to join her on stage to sing. Kaitlyn has been through so much at her young age. She was diagnosed with liver cancer at age 3, received a transplant and is now in remission. Sure, she was nervous about taking the stage, but the excitement helped her overcome any nerves. She said  “I like to sing and Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite singers. I’m excited!”
Carrie Underwood gave another special shoutout to her new friend on Twitter, saying, “Fun times in Oregon! Thanks to all who came out to have fun tonight! And a special thanks to my duet partner, Kaitlyn! #AllAmericanGirl.” I've attached the video so you can see her special night. This is one of many things that reminds me WHY I love country music and love what I do!   ~Rose

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Plus I'll add a name to the guest list for the Kellie Pickler show at Crawdaddy's on Sunday, September 1st. And then one of my favorite parts of my day, we get to go back a few years and play a KJUG Classic Cut of the Day. If there's a cool Classic song you want to hear, e-mail me at Have a great Friday Eve!   ~Rose



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