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"Are You Kidding me? I Can't Believe I Just Did That!"


Maybe Mike Should Eat With A Fork From Now On
So, there's this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese Restaurant Mike likes to go to for lunch once a week. It's not much to look at but their Szechuan Beef (served over noodles) can't be beat. Yum!

Now, with Mike going in as often as he does, the owner's gotten to know him fairly well. So much so that he KNOWS Mike likes to get a set of wooden chopsticks with whatever he orders. He even knows how to use them.

The owner's a nice enough guy but his English is a little choppy... even though he understands EVERYTHING YOU SAY. 

Well, the other day the owner must have been a little preoccupied because he forgot to give Mike a set of chopsticks when came in for lunch. Mike asked him for a set... and then did something he regretted IMMEDIATELY! He actually made a chopstick gesture with his index and middle finger as though the owner wouldn't know what, "can i get a set of chopsticks" meant. Really?!?!

He hasn't been back since but almost feels as though he should apologize next time he has lunch there. Have you ever done anything to embarrass yourself and IMMEDIATELY felt as though you should apologize right there on the spot? What happened and what was it?

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