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Today I'd like to pay my respects.



I know everyday it is my job to entertain and keep you company while you work, but sometimes I do get serious about things that get under my skin. Today, I have to get this off my chest because this officer is from right where we live here in JUG Country.

I didn't know the young officer Jesus Manuel Magdaleno Jr. of Visalia, but I have to say the story of what happened to him & his brother in law really saddens me. Both young men around my son's age. Magdaleno about to be married in September. They were in Las Vegas for his bachelor party. He and his brother-in-law are being sent back here to Visalia, after they were both killed trying to stop the theft of the officer's pickup truck from a Las Vegas Strip hotel-casino.Veteran CHP Officer Jesus Manuel Magdaleno Jr., 33 pictured above, was killed in the Sunday morning wreck and his sister's husband, Felix Brandon Cruz III, 31, was pronounced dead Monday evening at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

We hear so much about stars and their troubles every day, but I thought it was important to take the time to pay my respects to the fallen officer and his brother in law as well as their families and friends. My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to you and I pray you find the comfort you need as you each walk this journey of loss in your lives. God Bless you all from your friends here at 1067 KJUG Country.

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Las Vegas law enforcement and rescue vehicles on Monday took part in a solemn procession in Las Vegas for CHP officer Jesus Manuel Magdaleno Jr.

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