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I had a whirlwind weekend!


Well, how's everyone this fine morning? Back for another week of fun and don't forget it's a Free Music Monday! Be listening all day for your chance to win the new Charlie Worsham CD before it hits stores tomorrow. I had a great weekend. We went up to the bay area to see our grandson. The visit definately too short. But nice nevertheless. Jake has gained a few pounds and is now 2 months old. Looking forward to all the fun times ahead with this little guy. The cool thing about babies is that everything you do with them are milestones. Like the first smiles at grandma and grandpa. He smiled at grandpa and it melted his heart. Here's a picture of me with Jacob.


This post on my page is another milestone, it's Jacob's first of many appearances on my page. Such a great feeling ot be a grandparent. Have a great day.

Coming up at 12pm we have the Drive Thru Lunch taking all your requests and dedications plus you'll also have a chance to win lunch for two from Hoagies Hero's in Porterville.



2:25pm TODAY - OUR KJUG Classic Cut of the Day. Our artist was born August 11, 1946, on a tobacco farm in Versailles, Kentucky By the age of 10, he started singing and playing guitar, and later sang tenor in a barbershop quartet. He did not take up a musical career right away, instead becoming a licensed mortician and later a disc jockey at a radio station. By 1971, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in pursuit of a musical career, signing to ABC Records in 1976. He charted for the first time in 1978 with our KJUG Classic Cut of The Day. It’s Rose Colored Glasses, by John Conlee on 1067 KJUG Country.

Ask George... It Is Good To Be "The King"
Is George Strait the greatest country artist ever?
: YES... George is KING over them all
: NO... He's great but not the greatest ever
: NO... If ANYTHING, he's a bit over-rated
! KJUG Country's Birthday Battle Royale !
Who's the bigger "star" celebrating today?
: Late night host, Conan O'Brien (51)
: Teenage witch, Melissa Joan Hart (38)