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Taylor Swift Make's Maxim List


Taylor Swift
It's hard to argue with this list. Taylor Swift is beautiful. Actress Kristen Bell is beautiful. And the other 98 on Maxim magazine's definitive list of the world's most beautiful women aren't bad either. I think this year's compilation from the men's magazine is so thorough because, for the first time, they let readers have a say in who belongs. So the 99 women (and comedian Stephen Colbert, for some reason) represent all ages and places on the celebrity continuum. Swift came in at No. 26, and of her beauty, the magazine says, "Unfortunately, we don't have much room to write about how much we love Taylor, as all the space has been taken up by the extra security we hired to stop Kanye from interrupting." (Those Kanye West jokes never get old, do they?) Then Bell, who is hosting the CMT Music Awards on June 6 with Toby Keith, Maxim said, "In House of Lies, the former Veronica Mars showed us the surprisingly hot, not-so-surprisingly sleazy side of management consulting. Catch her this August in car-chase skid-mark-athon Hit and Run." Even Miley Cyrus made the list this year, for her "adult awesomeness." The magazine explains, "In other words, you no longer have to feel creepy about knowing her songs."

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