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Leah Turner


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Signed to Columbia Nashville in July 2013, singer-songwriter Leah Turner’s co-penned debut single, “Take the Keys.” A California native, singer-songwriter Leah Turner grew up in the Morongo Valley on a ranch filled with horses, goats and chickens. Her unique Western upbringing as a West Coast cowgirl, complemented by father’s occupation as a championship header in the rodeo, strongly influenced Leah’s earliest musical taste, from Paul Overstreet, Chris Ledoux, George Strait and Loretta Lynn to Trisha Yearwood, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson. She began writing songs when she was six years old, while coming back from church, singing a song that she wrote. “That was the start of it, I just kept writing songs, making them up, singing and performing them.”

While at college at UCSB, she found herself gravitating towards music and songwriting classes when, as part of a class final, she was selected to sing in front of celebrity guest Kenny Loggins, who convinced her to move to Los Angeles as soon as possible. She worked with David Foster  and Humberto Gaticsa (Whitney Houston & Celine Dion) she realized it was not her. “I was working with these amazing producers, which was a dream come true. But the music just wasn’t me. It wasn’t who I was.” Two weeks later, she was on a one-way flight to Nashville, and her official move came next. After a successful five-year run in LA, she had returned home to the music she loved. Country music is what I was, and where I wanted to be. I stopped trying to pull out my roots, and started to water them.”

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