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This weekend we find out who is going to the Super Bowl. This year has been an interesting year for Football. My Cowboys did not do to well. Next year is our year (I hope at least). There is 1 California team that has the chance to go this year. But, I don't think they will. That team of course is the 49ers (13-3). In my opinion they have had lady luck on their side. But I think luck will run out this weekend when they face the NY Giants (9-7) for the NFC Championship. The 49ers have a good defense. But they do not have the best offense. Gore and David Akers have kept them in this long, on the offense side of the team. Plus Manning is better QB than Smith. For AFC Championship game. I think the Patriots are going to beat out the Ravens. Brady is going to take the Patriots to another victory this weekend. Even with them being so close in W & L this year. Patriots 13-3 and Ravens 12-4. Then again these are just my thoughts. I could be totally wrong. It could be brother vs brother, 49ers vs Ravens. Which that would be cool and something new and never seen before. We will see come Sunday.

My picks this weekend:
NY Giants vs 49ers = NY Giants
Patriots vs Ravens = Patriots

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